Quasar Associates has served large, Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller, private companies, in various capacities.  We specialize in internal controls and corporate governance - Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Internal Audit assistance, Risk Assessments, and IT auditing.

One of our favorite compliments is that we are frequently told that we "get it", which to us, means that we help our clients sleep at night by providing practical, realistic, and affordable services.  


SAS 70 Audit

Quasar provides SAS 70 readiness and audit services to companies of all sizes.  For smaller companies that have never gone through the SAS 70 certification process, we help educate your company as to the policies, procedures, and internal controls that should be in place, before the audit can commence.  For companies that have previously been SAS 70 certified, we provide an affordable solution by providing "Big 4" expertise at reasonable rates.


Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Quasar has assisted dozens of companies in meeting their SOX 404 requirements.  We have been working on SOX compliance at large, pubic companies since 2004, when the regulations were first implemented.  We have also assisted numerous smaller, non-accelerated filer companies in setting up a SOX compliance framework that is affordable and sustainable.  Our focus is on educating companies as to the "baseline" requirements, then adding on from there depending on each company's particular risk profile. 


Internal Audit

Quasar has helped implement brand new Internal Audit functions at various companies.  We are experienced at advising Senior Management and Audit Committees as to standard industry best practices when setting up a new Internal Audit function.  We also provide loan staff assistance to existing Internal Audit departments in both the finance and IT areas. 


IT Audit

Quasar's team is comprised of CISAs who understand the IT environment and the related risk that are unique to this area.  We have implemented IT SOX compliance at various companies, focusing on IT general controls and IT application controls across numerous IT platforms.  Since our team has both finance and IT experience, we are adept at "joining the worlds" between these two areas. 


Risk Assessment

Quasar has assisted dozens of companies, across many different industries, with creating and implementing a Risk Assessment Framework.  We are experienced at providing risk assessment education to Audit Committees, and modifying the Risk Assessment Framework to your particular company and industry.  This Risk Assessment Framework is then often linked to a formal Internal Audit Plan, which focuses on the high-risk areas.