Internal Audit

Our partners and associates have a strong background in Internal Audit.  We can help you set up a new Internal Audit function, develop a risk-based Internal Audit Plan, interface with your Audit Committee, or assist you in execution of all types of internal audits, including financial, operational, regulatory, or IT-related.

Start-up Guidance

When setting up a brand new Internal Audit function, we can provide start-up and development guidance to senior management and the Audit Committee to help you get on the right track.  Our senior partners have set up and run Internal Audit departments for various Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller, private companies.  

Staffing Augmentation 

In an era when audit skill-sets are in demand, hiring your own full-time internal auditors can be a challenging and expensive task for many companies.  We can provide comprehensive, full-service solutions, or simply augment existing internal staff,depending on the specific needs of your company.  The flexibility of using an outside resource ensures your risk management dollars are spent as efficiently as possible.  We can also provide IT Audit services that can be costly and challenging to maintain internally.


Comprehensive Internal Audit Plan

We can assist you in developing a comprehensive Audit Plan to address the high-risk areas requiring independent monitoring.  Using a risk-based approach, financial, operational, regulatory, and IT audits are scheduled as directed by management and the Audit Committee.  Once developed, we assist you in determining the most cost-effective solution to execute your Audit Plan.


Financial, Operational, and Compliance Audits

We are experienced in conducting financial, operational, and regulatory audits.  Whether testing financial internal controls, conducting plant operations review, or assessing your company's regulatory compliance, we provide flexible, cost-effective resources to address those areas with an independent point-of-view.


Audit Committee Advisement

We can provide guidance to your Audit Committee on issues requiring an independent, expert point of view.  Our broad range of experiences serving many companies in various industries provides unique insight into the latest trends and best practices.  Our partners have advised Audit Committees of Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller, private companies. 


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